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    Combination Clutch/Brake Packages

    Combination clutch brake packages

    By combining clutches and brakes into compact, all-in-one units, we can tailor packages to meet the requirements of your specific applications. Eaton Airflex combination clutch and brake packages feature a range of speeds, engagements and cycle types to provide the power you need.

    Three clutches/brake packages

    • CBC – Ideal for automatic punching machines, press brakes, printing machines, shears, stamping and forming presses, woodworking machines and much more
    • FSPA – Designed primarily for stamping press applications; can be easily adapted to other types of flywheel machinery requiring cyclic operation
    • DCB – Specifically designed for high-speed, continuously running can-making machinery

    Features and benefits


    • Compact design, high thermal capacity and low air consumption is ideal for high speed, high cyclic, heavy-duty industrial applications
    • Overlapping cannot occur between the clutching and braking
    • Clutch capacities available up to 788,000 lb•in (58,073 N•m)
    • Brake capacities available up to 372,000 lb•in (42,029 N•m)
    • Available in 9 standard sizes


    • Compact packages include a CB or VC clutch element, a CS, CSA or CTE spring-applied air-released brake, a flywheel or bullgear with anti-friction bearings, clutch and brake drums, quick-release valves, and a rotorseal
    • Clutch capacities available up to 516,000 lb•in (58,260 N•m)
    • Brake capacities available up to 336,200 lb•in (37,960 N•m)
    • Available in a wide range of standard sizes


    • Patented quick release air manifold provides fast clutch/brake response; stopping the ram to prevent die damage due to material misfeed
    • Overlapping cannot occur between clutching and braking
    • Clutch capacities available up to 75,000 lb•in (8,475 N•m)
    • Brake capacities available up to 55,000 lb•in (6,215 N•m)
    • Available in two standard sizes: 21DCB, 29DCB