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    Directional Control Valves (Mobile)

    Directional Control Valves (Mobile)

    Multiple Section Directional Valves

    These manually and hydraulically actuated, spring centered, spool type valves are designed for pressures up to 210 bar (3000 psi) and flows up to 265 l/min (70 USgpm). They are comprised of sections that are internally connected to common pressure and tank return
    passages. Seals between the sections seal the connecting passages, and the sections are held together by studs and nuts.

    Valve sections are available as assembled banks, and as separate sections for customers to assemble into banks or to add to or change the functions of a bank. The following illustration shows the construction and assembly of a three-section valve.

    DMV Mobile Valves

    The Eaton DMV mobile directional control valve is a versatile and modular design based upon the proven, industry-leading Vickers DG design. The DMV valve design is a closed center, parallel or series circuit that can also function as an open center circuit through the use of unloading inlet options. The DMV valve offers versatility and flexibility in system applications through a sectional design, allowing the use of up to six sections per bank assembly. The DMV valve can be configured to create custom, multi-functional circuits through the use of optional banking functions such as inlet and work port options.

    Applications: Skid steer, excavators, tractors, harvesters, transit mixers, telehandlers.

    Specifications:  Rated Flow: 60 lpm (15.8 gpm),  on/off 20 lpm (5.3 gpm).  Rated Pressure: 350 bar  (5,000 psi) proportional.