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    Hydrokraft PVW / Eaton PVX

    Hydrokraft PVW / Eaton PVX

    Hydrokraft open-circuit piston pumps

    Engineered to excel in demanding industrial applications, Eaton Hydrokraft open-circuit piston pumps feature variable and fixed displacements, a modular design and flexible mounting options. Use Hydrokraft piston pumps for tough applications such as primary metals power units, marine cranes and thrusters.

       - Axial Piston
       - 66-750 cc (4.0-45.0 cu in)
    Continuous Pressure Rating
       - Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)

    Fitting for a wide variety of applications

    Hydrokraft open-circuit piston pumps feature industry-standard mounting capabilities and a modular construction, making these open-circuit pumps a perfect fit for many applications. Choose from fixed or variable Hydrokraft options in sizes to meet your needs:
    • PVX
    • PVW
    • PFX
    • PFW

    Increased durability and decreased noise levels

    The pumps come in a robust housing enclosure, which increases pump durability and reduces operating noise. Their tension-rod design also contributes to quieter operation.

    Reliable and long-lasting

    Hydrokraft open-circuit piston pumps are axial piston pumps with a swash plate design for reliable operation and a longer life. Plus, their rotating and pressure-loaded parts are pressure-balanced for greater efficiency and serviceability. 

    Multiple pump installations and combinations

    • Through-drive design allows for multiple pump installations from a single shaft
    • Foot mounting option allows for easy bedplate installation
    • Multiple pump combinations available


    • Primary metals power units
    • Marine cranes
    • Thrusters
    • Hydraulic power units
    • Large presses and forges
    • Recycling shears
    • Test stands
    • Marine engines