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    Manually Operated (CM11)

    Manually Operated (CM11)

    Multiple Section Directional Valves

    These manually and hydraulically actuated, spring centered, spool type valves are designed for pressures up to 210 bar (3000 psi) and flows up to 265 l/min (70 USgpm). They are comprised of sections that are internally connected to common pressure and tank return
    passages. Seals between the sections seal the connecting passages, and the sections are held together by studs and nuts.

    Valve sections are available as assembled banks, and as separate sections for customers to assemble into banks or to add to or change the functions of a bank. The following illustration shows the construction and assembly of a three-section valve.


    Smooth Operation – Vickers manually operated sectional valves offer absolute smoothness both in raising and lowering loads. In addition to outstanding metering from pressure to cylinder ports, they have equally precise metering capability from cylinder to tank port.

    High Work Capacity – Little horsepower is consumed in the valve due to low pressure drop. On many engine-powered vehicles this gives the potential for low heat rise from valve hydraulic flow losses in areas where excess heat may already be a problem.