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    S26 Series

    S26 Series

    Series 26 pump

    S26/L2 Pumps and S26 Motors SAE A and B mount aluminum pumps with many shaft and porting options. Meets SAE and Metric standards. Single and multiple sections available. Optional integral relief and flow valves simplify system design and installation. Easy field reversibility. SAE A Bi-directional gear motors made of a fixed bushing, pressure balanced die cast aluminum design. A rigid and compact structure that makes it possible to incorporate a number of functions in a limited space.

    Applications: Garden and utility tractors, backhoes, combines, road graders, hay swathers, fan drive systems, vibratory machines and industrial power units.

    Specifications:  Displacement: 0.43 in3/rev  (7 cc/rev)–1.94 in3/rev (31.8 cc).  Rated Pressure (Max): 207 bar (3,000 psi). Rated Speed (Max.): 4,000 rpm.

    General specifications

    Rotation Field reversible

    Mounting flange SAE A 2 Bolt

    Max. Continuous pressure 210 bar [3000 PSI] 

    Max. Intermittent pressure 240 bar [3500 PSI]

    Minimum speed at continuous pressure 750 RPM

    Maximum rotating torque at 0 pressure 4 Nm [36 lb-in]

    Maximum continuous operating temperature 105°C [220°F]

    Minimum continuous oil viscocity 5.7 cSt [45 SUS]

    Minimum operating temperature -29°C [-20°F]

    Maximum inlet vacuum at operating condition 0,8 bar Abs. [11.6 psi Abs.]

    Performance data

    Continuous - pump may be run continuously at these ratings.

    Intermittent - intermittent operation, 10% of every minute.

    30.6 cm³/rev. [1.87 in³/rev.] displacement max. continuous pressure is 190 bar [2750 PSI].

    30.6 cm³/rev. [1.87 in³/rev.] displacement max. intermittent pressure is 224 bar [3250 PSI].