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    Visual And Electrical

    Visual and Electrical

    OE and OP-OE

    The clogging indicator OE from Eaton is a combined visual and electrical pressure difference indicator. This type of pressure difference indicator can be mounted on all pressure filters with operating pressure ≤ 63 bar, if the corresponding measuring ports on the filter housing are available. The clogging indicators easily integrate into automatic control systems, and ensure continuous contamination control.

    Clogging indicator type
    Electrical or Visual-Electrical
    max. operating pressure
    914 psi (63 bar)
    operating temperature
    Nitrile: -13-176 °F (-25-80 °C) Viton: 14-176 °F (-10-80 °C)

    Core features

    • Easy integration into automatic control systems
    • Allows for continuous contamination control and pressure
    • Differential measuring
    • Darly identification of increased contamination
    • Optimal utilization of filter elements